Our Sticker Packs

Darling Desserts

The Original Sticker Pack!

Share this adorable animated collection of desserts with friends and family! Sweeten up your day, and punctuate with pastries!

Ocean Fishing Fun

Ocean Fishing with a Flair!

This sea of animated fish stickers is perfect for fishermen and beach-lovers alike!

Fabulous Fruit

Fresh Fruit and Fun!

These animated fruit stickers are filled with personality! Your friends and family will go bananas for your texts!

Sensational Sports

Calling all sports fan!

These animated sports stickers will delight every sports fan! Whether you enjoy soccer, bowling, baseball, or lacrosse, these stickers cover a wide variety of popular events!

Healthy Veggie Bunch Stickers

A Sensational Salad of Stickers!

This animated sticker pack will brighten up your day with its adorable leafy greens. Whether a shocked potato or a dapper carrot, this pack will amaze your friends! Who knew eating vegetables was so fun?

Wacky Weather Sticker Pack

Today's Forecast: Fun!

One of our bestselling packs, the Wacky Weather Sticker Pack will bring some sunshine (and clouds...and other weather phenomena) to your iMessages!

Winter Holiday Fun Stickers

An amazing gift...without the wrapping!

Celebrate the holiday season with these adorable animated stickers! Share the holiday spirit with others, as this pack includes hot cocoa, a festive tree, a snowman, and more!

Tropical Vacation Sticker Pack

Enjoy your dream vacation!

This tropical sticker pack brings the excitement of summer to your iMessages! Share these animated stickers with friends and family to create a virtual vacation!

Foods of the World Sticker Pack

Worldwide Foods with a Flair!

Share your favorite foods from around the globe with friends and family!

Birthday Bash Stickers

A Celebratory Sticker Pack!

Celebrate every birthday with these adorable stickers! Includes cake, balloons, banners, and gifts!

Sassy Stars Sticker Pack

A Constellation of Sassy Stickers!

Share this spunky galaxy of stars with friends and family to express yourself!

Hobby Stars Sticker Pack

Hobbies with a Flair!

These adorably animated stickers represent a variety of fun activities, ranging from photography to gaming to collecting stamps!

Breakfast Buddies Sticker Pack

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

Start your morning with these adorable breakfast stickers! Whether you love waffles, donuts, omelettes, or oatmeal, this sticker pack contains a variety of delicious foods!

Penguin Party Stickers

Party with Penguins!

These animated penguins will make you smile! Share them with friends and family to get the party started!

Calendar Cuties Sticker Pack

Stickers for Every Occasion!

This animated sticker pack features a variety of widely-celebrated holidays! Share them with friends and family to wish them an amazing day!

Pet Friends Sticker Pack

A collection of furry friends!

This animated sticker pack contains a variety of dogs and cats! Whether you own a darling pet or dream of having one someday, these stickers are for you!

Día de Muertos Sticker Pack

Celebrate Day of the Dead!

This animated sticker pack features a collection of characters honoring the Day of the Dead! Remember your loved ones and celebrate with these stickers!

Mexican Food Sticker Pack

A Collection of Comida!

These animated stickers represent a variety of favorite Mexican foods, including tamales, flan, arroz con leche, guacamole, menudo, and more!