How to Find Stickers

Here's a quick tutorial on how to find your purchased sticker packs!

Where Do I Find My Stickers After Purchasing?

Great question! To find your stickers, follow these steps:

1. Enter the green iMessages app

2. Pick a text strand to enter.

3. Below the bar where you text, you should see some oval shaped apps.

4. Scroll through these apps to find your sticker pack.

5. Enjoy!

How Do I Send Stickers?

You can send stickers in many different ways:

1. Click the sticker you want to send and send it as a gif image.

2. Hold the sticker you want to send and drag it to a text bubble.

3. Hold the sticker you want to send and drag it to a picture.

Note: Stickers may look different when sending to non-Apple devices.

Why Are My Stickers Not Sticking?

Great question! The text bubble or picture should have grey highlighting around it, showing where you can place it. Place the sticker within these boundaries.

Are There Any Other Tips For Placing Stickers?

Yes, here are some lesser known tips!

-You can rotate stickers before placing by using two fingers.

-You can make stickers smaller or larger by using two fingers.

-Make sure you place stickers carefully, so you do not cover text.

Where Do I Delete Stickers?

If you need to delete stickers for any reason,

1. Go to the bar beneath the text message entry and scroll to the left.

2. Once you see the More application (...), pick the app you wish to delete and slide left.

3. Click the red delete button.